by yahyah031, West Jefferson, OH

My husband and I met on February 16, 2002. He and I both had just come out of bad relationships and weren’t looking for Mr./Mrs. right. But, we both knew that something was there for us.

Over the next few years we grew closer and closer together as our love became stronger. I remember the day that I told Vince that my doctor told me that we could never conceive a child because of problems with me. He told me that he could never leave me because of that and that God would bless us one day. Vince asked me to marry him October 6, 2006 and one week later we found out the we were pregnant!

One week after that, we got the news that his father had about two months to live and that the cancer he was trying so hard to fight had taken over him. So, we decided to get married so that his Dad could see the wedding, because we knew that he wouldn’t make to see the baby.

We were married on December 23 2006. We didn’t go on a honeymoon because we knew it would be our last with his Dad. We lost his dad January 15, 2007. We need to have a honeymoon and to get away, even just for a weekend.