I tried

by sabrsjnk, middleburg, FL

A few years ago, while stationed at Fort Bragg, my husband and his friends decided to take the wives on a date to the Carnival that had set up on base. We rode rides, ate corn dogs and cotton candy, really having a good time.

We strolled along the games and the guys decided they were going to win their ladies a huge stuffed animal, the competition was on, (now my husband is a little shorter than the average “Army” guy, he�s 5’6″ but he was determined to beat out the big guys!)

We ladies grew bored with our men’s antics of who could win the biggest tiger or teddy bear, so we walked off to go get a soda. A little while later ‘Big Guy 1’ came up to his wife and presented her with a big pink teddy bear, then ‘Big Guy 2′ came up with a big stuffed tiger for his wife.

All of sudden my husband came from around the “Big Guys’ holding the cutest little white stuffed lamb, and with his best ‘sad puppy dog’ look said, “I tried,” as he held it out for me, I smiled and kissed his cheek.

The other wives immediately forgot their “big” prizes and surrounded me with “aaaaaaws” and “how sweet”. I Love my guy :-)(sigh)