I won the lottery

by Terry Anne Sachko, Albuquerque, NM

At twenty-eight, I won the Lottery. That�s when a very special man named John entered my life.

We married and settled in a perfect eastern community with wonderful neighbors and a fantastic house. What more could anyone want?

For the next quarter century, I led an idyllic existence.

Three years later, my mom, a paleontologist, treated me to a dinosaur dig in Montana. I met world-famous dinosaur hunters and found a large bone bed. Nothing equaled the thrill of being the first human to see a 300-million year-old dinosaur bone! I returned home glowing, eagerly anticipating next summer�s dig.

Unfortunately, the year passed much too slowly. I was torn between our life in South Carolina and my growing passion for dinosaur hunting out west. Knowing we couldn�t afford to finance both lifestyles, I became deeply depressed but tried to hide it from John.

As I packed for my next dinosaur dig, John said, �Since this will be our first Valentine’s Day and anniversary apart in 25 years, here�s your gift: Let�s sell everything we own–our home, furniture, and most of our worldly possessions; and buy a home-on-wheels�an RV��

I was puzzled. I knew we both loved to travel, but this proposal was pretty extreme.

And then, John finished his sentence ��so you can pursue your passion of digging up dinosaurs all over the world, and we can still be together.�

�Wow!� I couldn�t believe my ears. Out of the blue, my husband had given me the best–and most selfless–present in the whole world. At 70, he had offered to give up everything he had worked so hard to provide…just to make me happy.

That night, John again showed the real depth of his love for me. What a lucky woman I was: winning the Lottery twice in a lifetime!