Ireland magic

by roseskarma, Port St Lucie, FL

My story is one of a real fairy tale. I tell it with great sentiment. Life was not so happy as it had once been. I decided to take a leap of faith and booked a solo tour to Ireland. I met a group of fellow travelers in London and proceeded to spend a month tour Great Britain and Southern Ireland. Along my journey, one person stood out form the rest. We had deep and heartfelt conversations about life, love and loss. We talked of our dreams, hopes, and wishes. As the trip went on, we were both eager to see the wonders of Ireland. We had both read so much about it and could have never expected in our wildest dreams how truly magical the journey would be! We visited the sights and sounds of Southern Ireland. Kissing the Blarney stone was a favorite and taking scenic walks in Killarney & Cork County were among the highlights. Upon arriving at the end of out tour we decided to take a horse drawn carriage ride through the country side. To say we fell in love with only the surroundings would be a lie. For on that very trip we fell in love with one another. Today, we are busy planning our wedding with family and friends and eagerly await the day when we are husband and wife. Ireland is very much the land of magic, beauty, and love.