Love by the docks

by Cocas, Lakewood, WA

The man I had been seeing took me out on a winter’s night to this nice restaurant by the docks. It was very cozy and warm inside and we had a table by the most beautiful view of the water and hillsides and the shine of the moon was glistening on the water. The only lights in the dining room were candle lights. We ordered wine and we ate prime rib and talked and laughed and of course we held hands across the table. And after dinner we danced every single dance and the only break was when the band had their’s. The music was great there were the slow songs for lovers and of course the fast where we let our hair down and went for it. It was very special that night. I felt like a woman who for the first time felt wonderful and safe and carefree–and felt loved. Sadly he passed away a few years after that but that night will always be with me.