Our love story of 27 years

by savvysmom, Henderson, KY

I am so proud to say whom I fell in love with and vowed to love to the very end.
Is still not only my lover- but also my best friend.

Our love story began in the small town of Sullivan- April 15 was our first date.
When this soft spoken guy with big beautiful brown eyes asked me to skate.
�I do not skate very well as you can see�
But the next couple skates, I would like you to skate with me.�

Well…to say the least- he had my heart.
This was 27 years ago when at ages 14 and 15 our love story would start.
We stayed sweethearts at Webster County High- became engaged at Murray State.
Now celebrating 20 years of marriage-May 16-being our wedding date.

Married to this man has been WONDERFUL-but not without some doubts.
Without his support-as far as children-we would have had to learn to do without.
Doctors said that maybe it just wasn�t meant to be.
However, they just didn�t know how much Terry loved me.

At this time in our marriage-I tried to push him away.
I was the reason why we could not have children-so with me he should not have to stay!
He replied, �We both want children-you know this is true.
But we can adopt children-but I could never adopt another you!
If I was the one with the problem-you would not leave me. So we�ll get through this together-it will be OK-you�ll see!�

For two years-I leaned on him to be strong-and he would not let me down.
Until June 7-our miracle arrived�Savannah Ashley Brown.
But our family would not end here-I am happy to say.
When three years later-Cameron Michael came our way!

As we tuck our children in bed, I realize doctors are smart.
However, they did underestimate the power of the heart
Whether it�s my daughter who has her dad�s big beautiful brown eyes or my son who has his dad�s dimpled grin.
Every time I look at them-I fall in love again..
With that same big brown-eyed boy who did not know how to skate.
But knew just how to glide into my heart-and make my life great!
Each night as I cuddle with this man so loving and fun
I think that it is just a shame that God did not make more than one!