Loving eternally

by MB, , AL

A love so divine is this man of mine.

We have been a love story that is written until eternity kisses us to a forever sleep to wake one day in the presence of the King.

We met some 22 years ago at a bus stop in California at a time when we were both struggling to find a new hope and a new future. Little did we know that the bus ride that day would take us on this forever journey. Who would have guessed that one hot summer day we would meet at a time we were desperately searching for some answers in our life.

My Beloved is mine and I am his.

We have walked together in marriage and love for 21 years. At times we have endured many trials and had many tests come, but the endurance of the love we have for each other and our master is one that has been written upon the hearts and dreams of many.

I have been a mother to his precious two children that are so dear and wonderful to me. The love we have is so unique and so rare, they are truly not flesh of my flesh, but miraculously they are my own, and for that I am thankful. I have the honor of becoming the grandma to their precious little ones. Wow this is a dream come true.

This man is truly the lover of my life, the one I dream with, laugh with, cry with, pray with, the one I live with, and the one I so love.

This is my man!

He is an awesome husband, father, friend, and lover. He is a man that has so many rare qualities and I am blessed to have him for my husband. There is not a year that goes by that we do not treasure that bus ride on a hot sunny California summer day… we even celebrate the day we met, yes, a very sensitive loving man.

Not many women find that soul mate, but I am thankful for every day we share and every day we walk together heart to heart, hand to hand.

Oh, to behold the beauty of such a love is my forever dream and I am thankful I was kissed with his loving embrace. Holding him in my arms is so sweet and tender and to have him next to me every day I count it a gift and a blessing, one I thought would never happen.

How thankful I am for this sweetheart of mine, and I love sharing that love story with others, because we live in a day of heartache and sadness. But I know that if we hold onto our dreams, that prince will come – it is a matter of our hearts’ perspective…