Miss Right

by dneedham711, Krum, TX

My most romantic moment was when time stood still. I was perched on my high school pitching mound, holding my soul mate’s hands. Our eyes were locked, ignorant of the witnesses to this magical moment. In that long-lasting exchange, I knew what love was truly about.

Life-long memories flooded into my mind during our moment. It had been 23 years since we celebrated in high school on that very same field. And now we were there once again, her hands clutched in mine, locked in a sensual gaze for all eternity.

It was our wedding day. We were celebrating with friends, old and new, as well as remaining family who were so integral to our beginning. Robyn and I were center stage, but all I remember is a dynamic duet. As we exchanged vows, our eyes never wavered. There was no doubt our souls were entwined that very moment.

I don’t think I have ever smiled more than during that day. Knowing that I would spend the rest of my life with Miss Right was the “bomb”, if I can steal a line from my daughter. Who says that only cats can have more than one life? Mine started again that very romantic moment frozen in the eternity of my mind!