by mmentor, sharpsville, PA

I’ve known him since I was 9 yrs. old. one dance at our 9th grade dance. went out a couple of times at 18, we introduced both our best friends to each other. He married someone else. Our mutual friends got married, we were best man and maid of honor. Heard he got divorced. Saw him once when he went into the Army. Saw him once when he came home from the Army. he remarried. I married. Heard his wife died. I divorced. Our mutual friends invited us to their camp, we re-met, reconnected after 25 years and now we’re together…finally.

Something always came between us, but we were always connected at crucial times. there was a reason for it all, wasn’t the right time? Everything happens for a reason, we wouldn’t be where we are or touched all those around us if it didn’t happen this way, or maybe it took all that so that we could really appreciate each other now.