My American valentine

by Michel, Pleasanton, CA

My name is Michel Heid and I am from Basel Switzerland. I meet my Valentine in Basel in the beautiful old town in Switzerland. My Valentine’s name is Jennifer. She is like an angel, she looks like one and she is one. When I saw her the first time I didn�t know that she was from America. I was blinded by the beauty of her. It was like sunshine hit my eyes and butterflies made my stomach crazy! I knew right away she was something special.
So when I went up to her the first time and said �hallo� she answered �hello� and started speaking English to me. I didn�t really understand what she said but she looked beautiful and I knew a little bit English to get her phone number. So we went out on our first date and it was hard to talk, but somehow we understood each other.

I started taking some English lessons and she took some German, but after dating awhile she had to move back to America. She wanted to find out where she belonged, America or Switzerland. For sure I knew Switzerland and I tried to tell her that every day for one year- on my phone, with e-mail, letters, a lot of flowers and all my feelings I have for her. I took two trips to visit her in America, and finally she saw the light and she moved back to Switzerland! After a long year being lonely and sad, she finally came back. My princess came back! I never gave up. I would have moved right away over to America if I had a visa, but nowadays it�s not that easy. My love for her never made me stop, she is the best. After living together in Basel I proposed to her over the Alps of Switzerland in a helicopter because I thought she would feel comfortable up there where the angels come from� and YES she said yes!

Now after getting married two years ago in Switzerland and after our big American dream wedding last year here in America, we are looking forward to our second Valentine�s Day in Pleasanton.

So, never stop believing in what you love and do everything for your Valentine because all they need is LOVE.
Jennifer �Ich Liebe Dich� (I Love You Forever and Ever)
Michel the Swiss Guy