My faceless man


Everyone in my life knew that I was still searching for “my faceless man!” I knew him, felt him and indeed loved him; but only in my spirit! Until then, my view was relationships that basically were based on the understanding “my way or the highway!”

Every year I went home on vacation to see family and friends, even taking the time to volunteer at local charity events. With nothing on my mind but trying not to burn up, I volunteered to assist the local YMCA charity event which was being held at the city’s civic center. I felt this would be a great way to see and feel the pulse of my hometown!

While walking to the event, I looked across the sea of people, which looked to be around 1,000. Much to my surprise I spotted him–“my faceless man!” Friends that were with me heard me gasp and say, “there he is!” “Who is,” they asked. “Him, my faceless man,” I replied. They stopped on a dime and began scanning the crowd, not believing that I could see anyone in this sea of people.

We began walking in his direction, so they could give me the 411 on him. I’m from a city where all the people know each other; and if they don’t it won’t take but 20 minutes to track down someone who does. However, no one knew him! I was dumbfounded!

I then noticed him talking with one of the vendors that I knew; so the opportunity had finally arrived! I went over to the booth, asking about the taste of the food sold there. To be honest, I couldn’t have eaten it anyway; I felt faint being so close to him! His response was anything but inviting, so I tucked my tail and gave up! For I’m not one to beg–remember me? The one any guy should be pleased with! However, at that moment I felt like I had just been fired!

I decided to enjoy the remainder of the day; and began my assignment of selling beer and soda for the YMCA. I was housed in one of the portable cages. I felt someone come to the side, grab the bars and say–“are you going to be in there all night?” I looked to my left and there he was–MY FACELESS MAN! Relief! Relief! I need relief now!

Well, we’ve been together since that night, 24 years ago. He’s my closest friend, my lover and yes he does indeed have a face!
The face I waited on for 33 years! Only to find out that I waited all my life–he’s the little boy who lived next to my great grandmother; and I would receive spankings because I would say–but, I love him!

Amazing, truly amazing, but oh so true!