My soulmate

by mksgrl, spoatsylvania, VA

I loved hearing stories that my older sister would tell me about boys that she liked. Since losing our mother when she was 32 years old to cancer my older sister had taken on the role of mother to me and my younger sister and not only that I felt like we were really close since we spent countless nights alone due to our dad working. She said when you get to High School next year you will get to see who I have been talking about. Before I got to high school she became pregnant. She continued to go to school and graduate with her class she had a baby boy. She still was talking about this boy that she said was so cute but I still had not got to met him.

She had gained some weight and thought that she was very unattractive even though I thought she was beautiful she worked really hard to get into this pair of pants that she was sure he would notice her in and she did. I could not wait until I got home that evening to see if it happened and to also let her know that I saw someone that had also taken my breath away joking to a friend. I said oh my! I am going to marry that guy and we just laughed cause I was only 14 at the time. He also noticed me and ask for my number.

I got home to ask my sister what had happened and she said that he had noticed her, and said she looked very nice. I was so proud of her for everything that she had accomplished. I then mentioned to her that I saw this guy and that my heart had felt like it had fallen out of my chest and that he asked for my phone number. What should I do? She said it sounds like young love to me. What is his name? I said his name is Mike B and he is older then me and she just sat quiet and I said do you know him? She said yes that is the guy that I have been telling you about all this time. I didn’t know what to say I said well I won’t talk to him anymore and she said no I want to see what happens. I didn’t want to hurt my sister but she insisted so I did we started talking and dating worried that she was still upset it made it hard to give him my full heart but she said I was meant to be with him. My sister and my relationship did not change and not long after that my sister was killed in a car accident and Mike and I continued to date and got married. So I feel like my sister picked him for me and we were soulmates after 20 years together we are still in love and have three children.