Pasta the point of no return

by readersedge, hudson, NH

I’ve spent the last ten years juggling three to four jobs at a time, raising two daughters and dipping in and out of the dating game. Much to my surprise in November 2005, I became reacquainted with someone I’d worked with at a bar in 1995. Over the course of the next six months we became close and moved in together in June 2006. Things progressed and we found a new place to call our own: big enough for two Akitas, three cats, his daughter, and my daughter.

I’ve always been an open person and very expressive with my feelings. I’ve told Mike I love him in text messages and face to face. He always shrugged and murmured some in audible sound. One night a few weeks ago we were in the kitchen–cooking with us is always a partnership: I slice and dice (he points out I’m using the wrong knife), he checks on things in the oven, I make martinis (extra olives, please!), he gets the water boiling. It was pasta night and we were sharing our usual run of the mill “how was your day” stories. He just stopped in mid-sentence, looked down at me and said “I Love You” and held me tight–out of the blue. That moment was the most romantic I’ve had in my life because at 43 I know my heart has landed in the right place at the right time–finally!