Popping the question

by DesertGal, Oro Valley, AZ

My most romantic moment was this�

Five years ago I walked through the front door to find hundreds of balloons on the living room floor and floating on the ceiling. Jazz music was playing in background. On the coffee table sat lit candles, chilling champagne and a ring box. Jeff, my boyfriend at the time, was standing in the middle of the balloons.

Stunned, I walked over and hugged him. He handed me the ring box and when I opened it I found a stickpin. I was confused and I am sure my face showed it. Jeff said, “It looks like you have some popping to do.”

I looked around at all of the balloons. “Something” was in one of the balloons. I began popping the balloons. It was the most fun I had ever had. Finally, I came across a balloon heavier than the others. I shook it. Sure enough something was inside. When I popped it heart shaped confetti cascaded to the floor along with a tiny blue bag.

I picked up the bag, opened and tilted it. A beautiful princess-cut diamond ring fell into my hand. Jeff took the ring and lowered himself to one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course, my response was “Yes!”

We had many more romantic moments since then, but this will always be my favorite of them all.