Refined by fire

by cms.kasera, Tampa, FL

Victor and I were married on March 9, 2006 in a private ceremony. I didn’t need a fancy diamond or a white dress to know that Victor was more than the man of my dreams. On that day I married my soul-mate–the man God made specifically for me. For seven months it felt like life was perfect. We had plans and goals that were ours, not God’s. He showered me with gifts when finances allowed and continued to give me special surprises. On October 13, 2006 my husband was taken away from me by ICE officers. The door to our apartment was broken down and my husband was hauled off in his boxers. Our marriage has cost us both everything. It has broken us, humbled us, and has proved to us how desperately in need of God’s assistance we really are. We have learned to be selfless and not selfish. God has refined us by His fire. Through everything my love for Victor has grown. He has become my own personal superhero. After countless prayers, Victor was finally released on January 31. He was so excited to get home to me he took a Greyhound bus halfway and I met him the other half. All I could think of was holding him in my arms again and kissing his sweet lips. My happiness returned when again I was able to be in his arms. God is so amazing. I will never stop praising God for the love I have for my husband and for all of the moments we will have as we continue to share our lives.