by carolecat, Stevensville, MI

Tim and I met when we were 14, in 7th grade in junior high school. I always thought he was so cute and funny. We ended up “going together” when we were in 8th and 9th grade UNTIL my parents announced we were moving three hours away. I was absolutely devastated. This was THE love of my life, I insisted to my parents.

But there we were one summer night, saying goodbye in front of his house, holding hands and crying. I rode away on my bike with tears in my eyes.

So we moved away and Tim and I wrote a couple letters back and forth, even went to the Homecoming Dance again. But eventually, we drifted apart and grew up.

I had heard that he got married right out of high school. I went to college and eventually got married too. Twenty-five years later, I saw his name on and took a chance to e-mail him. We had both been divorced and had six kids between us. We emailed and called, just like junior high school. I found his old letters and old photos of us from Homecoming. Finally, we met again and it was just like old times. His hand felt so good in mine, his kiss was just like the first time. Turns out, he traveled in his work and had always looked for me when he traveled to my new hometown, knowing that I was there. I had always thought about him, remembering his birthday, and always wondered where he was and how his life had turned out.

We ended up dating long distance for a couple years. Even my high school friends in my new hometown remembered me talking about Tim, my high school sweetheart.

Twenty-seven years later, Tim and I stood on that same spot where I had ridden away so long ago. Tim said, “My life ended that night when you left. I want my life to begin again right here in the same spot. Marry me.”

And we got married in a romantic ceremony, just the two of us and our children on Mackinac Island, overlooking the lake. It was beautiful and we have a beautiful life now that we are reunited.