Romance is more than flowers and candy

by teechbiz, cartersville, GA

My most romantic moment came at the most unexpected time. It had been a horrible day. You know the kind. It starts out bad and gets worse from there. Let me just hit the high points. I spilled coffee on my new winter white skirt, I even managed to get ticketed for running a red light and speeding. Did I mention it was a bad day?

My husband called me on the way home and asked me how my day was. I could hear my words spilling out of my mouth as the tears spilled out of my eyes. Darryl interrupted me and said, �Look Cathy just hurry home. I love you.� Wow I’d really dumped on him and by the time I pulled up to our house I felt a bit guilty. None of this was his fault and I’d let him have it with both barrels. I was determined to apologize to him when I walked through the door.

Strange, the house seemed kind of dark. I thought maybe he went to bed early but almost as soon as I placed my key in the lock I felt the door open. Darryl drew me into his arms, kissed me and put his finger to my lips.

He’d lit some candles in the dining room and I was pleasantly surprised to see an impromptu buffet of all my favorites from our local Chinese restaurant. While I ate he excused himself and went upstairs. Turns out he was running a hot tub of bubbles for me to soak in. Again I was greeted to candles and one of our favorite CD’s from when we were dating.

This is why I love my husband so much. We both work demanding jobs. He also recognizes his responsibilities at home. He does laundry, grocery shopping, and even cooks dinner. Darryl does whatever he can to make me happy and make my life easier. I was truly blessed the day I met him.