Romantic getaway

by pjc, Saginaw, MI

Two years ago, my boyfriend and I were traveling to my parents house which was approximately 70 miles north of where we lived…or so I thought. We were on the highway and drove right past the exit that we needed to take. Completely ignoring my questions of what he was doing and where we were going… he kept driving north. We have a resort town that we love to visit whenever our finances allow.

140 miles after leaving home, we exited the highway towards our favorite hideaway. We stopped at the absolutely beautiful Bed and Breakfast in a wooded area just outside of town. As we stopped in the parking lot, my boyfriend simply leaned over and said “surprise.” He asked me to wait in the car while he checked in. Then, he came out and got me and we walked up this gorgeous wooden staircase. He opened the door to our room and it absolutely took my breath away. The room was filled with red roses and rose petals covered the bed. Oh – did I mention that the room had a hot tub with rose petals floating on the surface? The room had a balcony and the view was spectacular. A pond with a gazebo and a beautiful wooded area in the distance. Shortly thereafter, there was a knock on our door and when I opened it, a cart covered with a red velvet cloth was rolled into our room. My boyfriend uncovered the cart to reveal champagne, strawberries and a tiny box. Needless to say, that little box was the rest of my life. Amidst the roses and rose petals, my boyfriend was down on one knee proclaiming his never-ending love and asked me to marry him. It was the most beautiful and romantic setting I could have imagined. I felt like a princess living in a fairytale. That was one getaway I will remember for the rest of my life.