Strong & silent

by Aww.. ain't he sweet?, Tuscaloosa, AL

We have been together now for going on two years. You would have never thought we would have even got together if you would have been there…. waiting…and waiting..and yes, waiting.

For 10 months, he was working at my place of employment. NEVER said one word, not Hello, every morning NOTHING.

He was always leaning upon my desk with dark glasses. I didn’t know what to think of him. He was a complete mystery, but yet everyone else in his company knew me or had asked me out. They moved on to another site in town, but everyday he and his boss came into my office to ask me how I was and to let me know that they missed seeing me every morning. Or his boss told me that. Bill…still NOTHING! This went on for another three months…until the 25th of July. I was walking out of the office and there they were. Bill’s boss asked if I had eaten. I said no, and he invited me. Bill started to quickly shake his head yes (still not saying anything). I agreed and wondered if he could even speak at all. At dinner, Bill came and opened my car door, the restaurant door, pulled out my chair, lit my cigs, and stood when I went to the ladies. Still not saying much, I was having dinner with a silent gentlemen (if we could all be so lucky?)

When we left, he paid for my dinner, stood when I rose, opened the restaurant door, walked me to my car and then his boss claimed to get an important business call (I know now that was completely made up). He then proceeded to ask me to take him home. I agreed, knowing that he would have to tell me the directions. I got him home and he asked if he could kiss me goodnight and how he was so scared to talk to me. I kissed him and WOW!

I wouldn’t trade him for anything. Agreeable, romantic, gives me the remote, and believe it or not, is a conversationalist.