Teenage love

by cal girl, Marysville, WA

When I was 15-years old my best friend Diane wanted to go out with her brothers friend Tim. Her mother said she was too young but consented if she would double date with her brother. The problem was finding a date for her brother. Diane asked me but I thought he was a brute. After asking other friends who all thought the same way she returned and asked me again. I accepted and we went to Magic Mountain. I slowly changed my mind after spending the evening with him. He was shy, intelligent, and forward thinking. It took him all night and some encouragement to hold my hand even briefly. He had piercing blue eyes and broad shoulders and smelled great. He had work worn hands and a great smile when he relaxed.

We started dating and after a month he predicted that we would be together in our old age. We have been married 26 years and look forward to many more.