The third is a charm

by TCMac, Auburndale, FL

I met my husband when he was 24 and I was 32. We both had a date with someone else that night. You guessed it, we both got stood up. I was with a friend and her date who knew my husband-to-be. He tried to talk to me but I was not the least interested. He tried and tried even to the point of putting on a fake English accent when he talked. I went to the restroom and when I came back he was gone and so was my friend. I asked where they went and her date said he went outside to get away from my friend because she was making passes at him and he was not interested. So now I had to save him! It blossomed from that night on. He has been by my side through injuring my neck, fibromyalgia, depression, being bipolar, my teenage kids, etc….
Just in the last 1 1/2 years we decided to do Foster care and it has been a real blessing in our life even though we don’t get much time away together. We are now preparing to possibly adopt two children we have been fostering. We just recently started going through a cancer scare with him. But I know in my heart we will get through this too because our love is so strong. He is my soul mate, and I know God put him in my life for a reason.