This was not my dream

by irishjohn, rosedale, MD

Was a golden oldie on the radio when I pulled in the drive
Kinda made me wonder what happened to the plans
That I made when what I said was lies and alibis
As a run around not to be tied down hound dog kind of man

A steaming shower couldn�t fix the downer I was feeling
About fate and destiny getting their wires crossed
So I did what I always do when my soul needs healing
I laid down close beside you no longer feeling lost

I dreamed I was in California schmoozing with the stars
A backsliding Christian driving round in chauffeured cars
But just like that when I awoke with you snuggled close to me
I prayed, thank you, Lord // this was not my dream

I lived life in the passing lane way back when I was young
With no plans for the future no idea where I�d be
First time I saw you I heard a song I�d never sung
Ever since thanks to you my heart�s been under siege


Change and growth are partners I�ve learned over the years
Had I not been listening I would not be here