A touch of old fashioned

by jedileezard, Nashua, NH

My husband Brian proposed to me after two years of dating. Of course he proposed on the day we met two years before. We never really discussed marriage in detail and that is why I was totally surprised when he got down on one knee with an engagement ring! We felt so comfortable with each other we knew we would get married one day. I said yes to his proposal and happiness rushed through me. Unfortunately, while I felt happiness and excitement, sadness came through me when I learned he had to leave that day for active Navy duty. I packed a lunch for him and off he went.

Brian arrived at the Naval yard on a Friday and to my surprise, came to visit me on Saturday! Brian was granted a day pass and drove 4 hours to NH. He held me for a half hour, got back into his car and drove another 4 hours back to NY. He really made me feel special. I look back on that night and realize what a truly amazing husband I have.