Twenty roses

by Roxee, Hueytown, AL

He had been my best friend for almost a year. We went to high school together. He was always around, sharing my secrets plying with my family. He was the real family guy.
He had expressed his feelings to me very lightly but I never encouraged him.

He suddenly had to leave to study abroad but he send me one single red rose every month, the roses kept coming for two whole years without fail. With each rose my feelings for him grew stronger and stronger.

Then on June 13 on my birthday he gave me the most wonderful surprise.

He planned everything with my family. I woke up and there was a red rose on my nightstand. That just was the beginning. That day I found 20 roses at different places in my house with sweet little notes.

The final surprise came that night. My sisters mysteriously took me to the beach, I thought they were going to give me a treat or something but I wasn�t prepared for what I saw.
He was standing in front of me with a bouquet of lilies my favorite. It was then I saw that he had set a table at the beach with candles and all.

After dinner, he then bent on one knee and proposed to me. I was so overwhelmed I said yes �cause there was nothing else to say.

We have been going strong since then.
We are due to be wedded this November.