Valentine’s Day surprise

by Brooke, Tucson, AZ

My most romantic Valentine’s Day happened last year, my first year of college.

My boyfriend was working as a desk assistant to the dorms, so he had access to the building I was living in. He had made arrangements with my roommate to let him into our room as she left for classes that day. That morning I woke to a gentle kiss on my forehead. I opened my eyes and saw my wonderful boyfriend standing by my bedside, holding a tray. He left the tray on belly, told me he loved me, and said he had to leave for class but when I was done I should just leave the dirty dishes on my desk. After he left I looked down and saw what he had given me. On the heart shaped breakfast tray was a plate full of stuffed french toast, bacon, scrambled eggs, and biscuits, all my favorites. In the two corners were a glass of orange juice and a single red rose.

I got out of bed and opened my door to head for the shower. On the floor in front of my door was a beautiful bouquet of tiger lilies, my favorite flower. Later that day, after class, I was greeted by my boyfriend who had brought lunch to me in a brown paper bag. Inside the bag I found a sub sandwich, a bag of chips, a soda, and a card. “I love you…and there’s more to come. Meet me at the Union after class.”

I found my boyfriend in the Union holding a small light blue box. He gave me the box which had a heart necklace from Tiffany’s! He took my hand and told me to go with him. I followed him to his car and he told me to close my eyes. He drove me to the airport and together we got on a plane headed to San Diego. He had made arrangements for a car rental, and we drove to Moonlight Beach. I’m originally from San Diego, and Moonlight Beach has always been *my* beach. There are a few benches overlooking the ocean, and he left me on one for a moment. When he came back he was holding a basket. We walked down to the shoreline and he opened the basket and showed me what was inside. A romantic dinner, complete with everything from warm chicken to long stemmed candles to Martinelli’s (even though he was able to purchase alcohol, he’s against underage drinking and I was only 18).

Under the moonlight we finished our food and he gave me another small box, this time white. It was a white gold necklace with a curved line of diamonds as the pendant. He said we had to get back to the airport to catch our flight. When we landed he drove me home, kissed me goodnight, and said he would see me the next day.