Wedding proposal

by sandour, North York, ON

My husband decided to propose at the same place that we had had our first date, which was a beautiful park that is known for its beauty and is often used for wedding pictures.

He took me to the park under the guise of going for a late night walk. The sky was clear and the weather was crisp. The moon was full and shiny brightly so that the entire area was lit up in silver-blue light.

We were talking about why people chose this park for the wedding pictures and we happened upon a beautiful fountain situated beneath the branches of a weeping willow.

We said how this would be a perfect place for wedding or engagement pictures and he had me sit down as though posing for a picture. He walked down the path to get, what I thought was, a photographer’s view of the spot. He took a deep breath, which I thought signified that he had seen what he wanted to see, and walked back to me. Instead of sitting beside me, he knelt before me and asked me to reach into his pocket for a kleenex. But what my hand found was a jewelry box. I didn’t even realize he was proposing because we had always said it would not be on a birthday or other special occasion. As I got a quizzical look on my face, and began to pull the box out of his pocket, he began to tell me how much he loved me and how much I meant to him and began to propose. I still didn’t believe what was going on until I opened the box and saw the ring. I shut it immediately and started to cry. He opened the box, placed the ring on my finger and told me that our life together would be for always and forever. He then asked me if my tears meant yes, so I happily said yes and threw my arms around him. It was so beautiful because of the silvery-blue light flooding everything, and that part of the park was deserted at that time of night except for us. So it was like the whole park was open just for us. The trees and grass were lush and green and the brook was bubbling along. It was as though it were out of a fairy tale. We were married two years later.