by sweetnsour914, Baltimore, MD

When I was seven years old I had a friend named Michael, he lived two houses down from me. As kids there was a group of us that hung out, it was Mike, Josh, Kelly, David, Steve, and me. Mike and Josh moved away two weeks before my eighth birthday. Nine years passed and we hadn’t seen each other or talked to one another. One week before my graduation party, Mike was over Steve’s house helping clean out the garage and saw me. I didn’t even notice him but he saw me and his mouth dropped. He told Steve that he couldn’t believe how much I had grown and changed.

My graduation party came and he showed up with my neighbors. They had asked me if I recognized him and honestly I didn’t. When I realized who it was I got all excited. We got to talking and started hanging out more. One night I told him to close his eyes that I had a surprise for him. Once he closed his eyes I leaned in and kissed him. When he opened his eyes he said no that’s not right, if your going to kiss me, kiss me like you mean it. That night we realized that me and him are so much alike and that we were what each other had been looking for in life.

Since then Mike and I have been together and everyone says they can see us getting married. The ironic thing is I knew my soulmate already, I just had to find him.