A Tender and Touching Story

By MyRomanceStory Staff,

Title: Idol Dreams
Author: Charlotte Lamb
Artist: Yoko Hanabusa
Publisher: Dark Horse Manga, a Division of Dark Horse Comics, Inc.
(by arrangement with Harlequin Books, SA and Ohzora Publishing Company)
Price: $9.95
Length: Approximately 160 pages

Quincy Jordan gets quite a surprise when international pop star Joe Ardness walks in her door, takes her in his arms and kisses her passionately in front of flashing cameras. Apparently she’s won first prize in a magazine contest.

The only problem is that she never entered the contest, nor was she much of a Joe Ardness fan. Turns out her brother was the culprit. He entered the girls-only contest under his sister’s name, so he could meet his hero. As a favor to Joe, Quincy agrees to play along, so his managers can avoid all the trouble a botched contest may present. And all she has to do is go on a date with a star.

As things progress, though, Quincy finds that she’s falling in love with Joe. But what would a wealthy and famous pop star want with her? He’s surrounded by women who would give anything to be with him. Sometimes Joe seems to really like her, but a guy like him is used to getting what he wants. Surely his affections are just part of the big act that is his image.

The story has a very poignant plot and plausible characters. The artwork vividly generates the drama that surrounds the characters as they struggle against misunderstandings and desires.