Too Spicy for Women’s Forum

By Tony Neale,

We were talking to a nice lady at Women’s Forum while mulling over the possibility of becoming one of their partners. Although she loved the site (I think she used the words “fabulous” and “fantastic”), the powers that be at Women’s Forum found our site too spicy. They said they were more focused on family type sites.

Needless to say we were surprised. If you’ve read our stories you know they offer the same situations as other contemporary romance fiction—often with tamer language. Certainly the scenarios that we’re depicting could be seen on daytime and primetime network television—not to mention the afternoon soaps! Most romance readers are married or have been married and they’ve read their first romance by the age of 16. While MyRomanceStory may not be strictly a family site, our surveys show that we appeal to wives, mothers, grandmothers and daughters. Sounds like a true woman’s forum! Besides, is spicy really a bad thing?