List of Romantic Movies Has Glaring Omission

By MyRomanceStory Staff,

The AFI released its top 100 Lists, which feature the top 100 movies of the past century in several categories. One of the lists is the top 100 love stories of all time. There’s nothing included on there I would completely disagree with, but there was a gross oversight in omitting Moulin Rouge.

I hear a lot of flak about that movie, which I personally thought was brilliant. I think the chronologically incorrect review of pop culture turns a lot of people off. They just can’t handle 19th Century Bohemian artists singing “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and “Like a Virgin.” It leaves the audience confused and disoriented. To me, a lot of chronological dissonance is a nice addition to a tragic love story.

Not only that, Nicole Kidman is hot. Come on. She is and you know it.

With that one exception, most of my favorites were on the list. Failing to list Harold and Maude would have earned the AFI a seriously nasty letter from me. That one has some of the finest quotes in movie history, said as she lay dying from her suicide pill.

Harold: I love you.
Maude: Oh Harold…That’s wonderful. Go and love some more.

Granted, I like the tragic story, and it’s not everyone’s taste.

But just to show I can appreciate the happy ending, no list of great love movies would be complete without The Princess Bride. As you wish…Enough said.