Listen to Marcia Roberts on The Wellness Authors Show

By MyRomanceStory Staff,

Tune into the Wellness Authors Show at this weekend to hear author Marcia Roberts talk about her book, “New Day: One Woman’s Journey Through Domestic Violence”. Marcia is a teacher, a mother, a writer and a survivor of domestic violence and abuse. Her compelling story is a must for anyone caught in the cycle of abuse. Marcia’s book is available from and the App Store.

In the author’s own words: “I am a survivor of domestic violence and abuse, but I am also a teacher, a mother and a writer. Because of all the great support I got during my four plus years of abuse, I would like to give back. I have compiled a story of my experience, based on current research and my own personal journals and emails that I kept for the last years of the experience, as recommended by my counselors at a local abuse center. I am looking for a way to get my work out there so maybe other women can benefit, and not feel so alone or quite so hopeless. There is little out there on the topic that is autobiographical, and yet, as a former victim, I can tell you that that is the very thing that abused women or men need, to convince them to get out. This story needs to be told, as do the stories of so many other women and children. Their voices need to be heard. My story is meant to be a mirror that might reflect reality to a victim who needs that clarity to be sure what to do next.”

—From Marcia Roberts’s journal

Author Bio:
Marcia Roberts is the daughter of a pastor and homemaker, the mother of five, a classically trained singer, a teacher, a writer and a domestic abuse survivor. It is through her own experiences that she can speak to this serious threat for many women and their families. She was inspired to write this book through her research on domestic violence and its effects on children in the classroom while working on for her teaching re-certification. It soon became evident from her research that her own children were the textbook models for children growing up in a domestic abuse environment. She wrote this book to help other families who are trapped in this same cycle of abuse. The book is the outgrowth of a journal she kept for three years to record her experiences and those of her children with her now ex-husband. Roberts is also the author of several children’s stories and fables as well as some poetry, all of which she hopes to publish in the future.