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Love Match (Romance Graphic Novel)

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By: Cynthia White Artist: Roberto Goiriz



Tennis phenom Anna Carbana has loved the charismatic, silver-eyed tennis star Brad Duggan since she was a teenager. But he only treated her like a kid sister who he unstintingly coached whenever he could. Then years later, a catastrophe almost costs Anna her life, and Brad can no longer deny the unbrotherly yearnings for her that he’s been fighting for years….

This romance graphic novel by Cynthia White writing as Amen Henriques and illustrated by Roberto Goiriz. The PDF version of this story is formatted in full color using the original 12.5×7.5 inch images and is best viewed on a computer. The ePub version can be viewed on a computer or your favorite e-reader or handheld device.

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2 reviews for Love Match (Romance Graphic Novel)

  1. Dorothy

    Lovely Anna, a Spanish tennis phenom has a crush on American Tennis Suprstar Brad, but he thinks of her only as a pal.
    The road to the love is everything but smooth. But in the end they get HEA. Sweet, sexy story.

  2. Candace

    Tennis champs go from pals to lovers. Romantic story with some suspenseful scenes. Loveable characters.

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