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Namesakes (Romance Graphic Novel)

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By: Cynthia White Artist: Gonzalo Martinez



When cosmetics executive Ellie Benet’s wealthy aunt Estelle emails her that she is marrying “a younger man” named Randolph Inverness, Ellie rushes to her aunt’s posh retirement community to put a stop to it. She is prepared to fight this disturbing hunk of masculinity who is obviously after her aunt’s sizable fortune. Her only problem is, after one look at him, she can’t stop wanting him for herself.

This romance graphic novel is written by Cynthia White and illustrated by Gonzalo Martinez. The PDF version of this story is formatted in full color using the original 12.5×7.5 inch images and is best viewed on a computer. The ePub version can be viewed on a computer or your favorite e-reader or handheld device.

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Connor’s mesmerizing green eyes pin Ellie in place, sending the most delicious shivers down her spine.

Wow. What a hunk. He must have them eating out of his hand Read More

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