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The Reluctant Handyman (Romance Graphic Novel)

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By: Cynthia White Artist: Italo Ahumada



The three times Susie has to call the building manager/handyman to let her into her Baltimore apartment are humiliating. Grant Wyler is impatient and arrogant, even though he’s sexy as hell. When she moves to a new place, she’s relieved to think she’ll never have to see him again. How wrong she is. Her toe stuck hopelessly in the bathtub faucet brings this horrible man back into her life. Susie is aghast. She doesn’t know that beneath Grant’s gruff façade is a man with a serious case of the hots for her.

This romance graphic novel is written by Cynthia White writing as Alice Gaylord and illustrated by Italo Ahumada. The PDF version of this story is formatted in full color using the original 12.5×7.5 inch images and is best viewed on a computer. The ePub version can be viewed on a computer or your favorite e-reader or handheld device.

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(4 customer reviews)
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4 reviews for The Reluctant Handyman (Romance Graphic Novel)

  1. a. jameson

    Funny and whimsical. I loved the artwork.The scene with Susie with her toe stuck in the faucet was hilarious. Who couldn’t love a handyman like Grant? Dog lovers will get a kick out of her “guard” dog, a rascally Siberian Husky.

  2. Kay Akrasah

    sexy and enjoyable. Loved the dog!!!

  3. Kwame Frimpong

    Ha! Good ending for a handyman. How Romantic.

  4. Candace

    Amusing love story centering around two people who can’t stand each other till the “horrible” handyman hero rescues his “dingbat” tenant from her bathtub. Lovely artwork and tender romance scenes.

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