Romance Graphic Novel

Widow or Wife? (Romance Graphic Novel)

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By: K.G. Banville Artist: Enzo Pertile



Daisy Monroe’s hateful husband, Pete, has been missing for two years. She needs to get on with her life. So she sets out to hire a detective to find out if Pete is dead or alive. Little does she know that the down-on-his-heels detective she’s hiring is actually John Lawler, the wealthy head of an International Security firm. And John has his reasons for stepping in and taking the case: a five-foot-five strawberry blonde named Daisy Munroe who sets his pulse racing.

The PDF version is formatted using the original full color 12.5×7.5 inch pages and is best viewed on a computer.

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(4 customer reviews)
Publisher Arrow Publications
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4 reviews for Widow or Wife? (Romance Graphic Novel)

  1. a. jameson

    Fast paced mystery/love story with surprise ending. John is keeping secret from Daisy that he is not the down on his luck detective she thinks she hired to find her husband. When she discovers his deception it nearly costs them their budding love and lives. Great artwork.

  2. Kay Akrasah

    A real mystery. Story with a great ending

  3. Kwame Frimpong

    Ha ha haaa. Who to trust? Love this twist.

  4. finalmac

    Love the modern take on the traditional detective novel. Enzo Pertile’s artwork is fantastic.

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