Sagittarius: Love Zodiac

By Nicole,

Get a little more in tune with yourself. Got a clueless lover? Pass it on.

In Love: As in life, so it is in love for a Sagittarius. She will most likely have many love interests throughout her life. A wandering sign, Sag is not one to accept a mundane romance or settle down quickly. So, she will explore far and wide for quite some time. And because of her optimistic spirit, she will know few broken hearts. She may leave some along the way, but a Sag has little time for regret. To her, life’s for living and tomorrow holds too much promise to worry about the past. While she is adventurous, she is not shallow. As with anything that piques her interest, when she does find a man who suits her perfectly, she will dive in and see it through. This makes Sagittarius a devoted lover – but it takes her a long time to find the right one. Fortunately, because she tends to have few regrets about past relationships, she carries little baggage.

In Bed: This is where a Sag excels. She is not promiscuous, but because of her adventurous spirit, she’s willing to try anything and everything, and probably has many times; she will do a lot of romancing and exploring before finally settling down with one lover. This makes for an experienced lover. But make no mistake about it, she expects plenty of reciprocation. The thing about Sagittarius is that she has no problem up and leaving an unsatisfying situation. If she feels neglected, she’ll be on her way. So, her man should make every effort to show her the enthusiasm she shows him. And this bright, courageous and fun woman deserves nothing less.

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