The Bachelor Recap: Auf Wiedersehen Sharleen!

By Nicole,

The best way to recap last night’s episode is to bullet the brief highlights. Because let’s face it, in between, there was a lot of Sharleen moaning and groaning about if she should leave or not:

  • SHARLEEN DECIDED TO GO HOME. FINALLY. But only after taking one of the one-on-one dates. Although she was attracted to Juan Pablo, the “cerebral connection” was not there.
  • Nikki went on the other one-on-one date. Not too interesting besides the fact they went to Camilla’s dance recital where Nikki met the fam, including Camilla’s mother, and I think that’s cheating since she hasn’t made the final three yet.
  • Andi got the group date rose (the first hometown rose!) after she cried on Juan Pablo’s shoulder because she was soooo overwhelmed by her doubts and feelings. This sent Clare into a very unhappy mood which caused the next bullet point…
  • Clare and Nikki got into a fight because Clare almost started talking shit about Andi. It was all very confusing. Nikki stormed off to her room and Clare followed, commencing the most awkward fight ever, going loosely like this — Nikki’s like, “leave my room,” Clare’s like, “It’s not your room.” And Nikki’s like, “Yes it is, leave” and Clare’s like, “Did you pay for this room? Did you pay for this room? Did you pay for this room? It’s not your room!” Huh?

Next week — hometowns!

Adiós to: Chelsie and Sharleen.