Real Life Romance Stories

The Good and The Bad – They’re all Real Life Romance Stories!

From the Heart

Let’s face it. is all about L-O-V-E. Our stories are passionate, emotional, and dramatic, but we knew our readers had a few moments in their lives that qualify as incredibly romantic, too. We asked them to share them with us and with the world. So enjoy this collection of Real Life Romance Stories that will touch the heart, make you laugh, cry, or just feel gushy inside. It’s great to remember that for some couples every day is like Valentine’s Day!

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Dating Stories

We’ve all heard the expression, “You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find a prince.” Well you have to date a lot of turkeys before you find that special someone, too. We asked readers to share with us their disastrous dates and encounters with Mr. or Ms Wrong. These stories gave everyone a laugh and chuckle. In some cases we said to ourselves, “I’m glad that wasn’t me!” So now, back by popular demand are some of your most cringe-inducing Dating Stories.

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