The Bachelor Recap: One-on-One Time Will Make You or Break You

By Nicole,

Favorite Quotes:
“I haven’t been on a private jet before… I could totally get used to being with a man of my dreams who loves to surprise me, who loves to do stuff like that.” –Kat
Ohhh. Stuff like private jet rides you mean? So when Juan Pablo surprises Kat with a minivan to replace her car in anticipation of all the kids they are going to have together instead of first class tickets to Fiji with accommodations on those huts over the water for her birthday because it’s more practical, will she still just love surprises?

“I love giving surprises.” – Juan Pablo
Almost scratch what I just said. Almost.

“If Juan Pablo is my man I will straddle him everyday. That’s what life is about – straddling people, and things. “ –Victoria.
There’s nothing I can add to this.


If you missed last night’s episode and haven’t had time to watch yet, don’t freak out too much. It wasn’t that life altering. The group date was a photo shoot for an animal rescue organization. Lucy was all too happy to switch places with Elise for the naked portion of the shoot while poor Andi got stuck doing it with Lucy and Juan Pablo. Clare (winter wonderland in LA) and Kat (electric 5K in Utah) received the one-on-one dates, which really were not that interesting to watch.

Did anyone else feel a slight twinge of jealousy as Juan Pablo held Clare in the magical snow? Also, I noticed Juan Pablo was not really talking… Huh? Is it the director’s cut or is this the one tiny, little flaw he has as first evidenced on The Bachelorette? Could it be HE DOESN’T LIKE TO TALK? Oddly enough, I’m ok with it.

Victoria was the highlight of the episode. Having a little to much to drink and deprived of one-on-one time with Juan Pablo, Victoria became a hot mess on the group date. I’m a little sad she pulled out her crazy so soon. I was really looking forward to guessing who was crying in that bathroom stall. Apparently Juan Pablo doesn’t like crying girls unless you are crying about your child because it shows you are not ready to be on the show. Refreshing! Too many times have we seen bachelors be suckers for tears much too early in the show. We will see if this stays true as his feelings heighten for these lovely ladies.

Lastly, it appears as though Sharleen has calmed down. She apologized for her behavior on the first night. She looked anxious at the cocktail party and rose ceremony – as she should have! However, after her apology I immediately had this odd gut reaction to it. Did she search her soul and realize she and Juan Pablo might be soul mates? NO! I think she was sorry because she realized she could be eliminated for her actions. A part of me feels I may be too harsh on this one because there’s something so normal about how she is handling everything that makes me like her, but at the same time she foments such righteous Bachelor rage from me for the girls that are trying. I can’t stand it. She was barely in the episode and this is how I feel! Only time will reveal her true nature and I CAN’T WAIT.

Eliminated: Victoria, Chantel, Amy L.