Male Drivers

By Eleanor,

I want to know what it is with men that makes them hit the car horn for every little transgression, or perceived agression, made by another driver. I suspect it’s the same thing (testosterone?) that makes men go to war, but then, I have a husband who’s definitely a pacifist, not to mention a kind and gentle human being, but whenever he drives, he’s Attila the Hun. Something will always occur that makes him lean on the horn. I beg him not to do that, since I believe all that’s achieved is scaring the hapless other driver. I tell him that when someone blasts his horn at me, it startles/unnerves me so much I nearly drive into the nearest telephone pole. Yet he insists that drivers have to be alerted when they do something wrong so that it won’t happen again. I continue to argue that when I’m the recipient of a horn blast, I usually haven’t a clue what I’ve done wrong. My arguments are to no avail, however, and I’m left with just demanding, “OK, just don’t it when I’m in the car.” That doesn’t seem to work either.

I’m not alone here. My sisters say the same thing about their partners, and most of my friends say it also.

Does anybody have an explanation for this bizarre male behavior?