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30-Day Guarantee (Romance Graphic Novel)

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By: Eilis Flynn Artist: Kike Olmedo



Wealthy software developer Gray Reiss uses a simple marketing strategy for promoting his products—a 30-day, money-back guarantee. He offers the same deal to pretty college professor, Astra Maris, but this time the product is … himself! He wants Maris to try dating him for a month, and if she’s not happy… just walk away. Maris is shocked by the offer. For one, it’s outrageous. For another, she’s not ready to date again after her painful divorce. And dare she risk her heart around a man whose slightest touch makes her blood turn to liquid fire?

This romance graphic novel is written by Eilis Flynn and illustrated by Kike Olmedo. The PDF version of this story is formatted in full color using the original 12.5×7.5 inch images and is best viewed on a computer.

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(3 customer reviews)
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3 reviews for 30-Day Guarantee (Romance Graphic Novel)

  1. a. jameson

    Unusual story with twists and turns. HEA ending. Enjoyable reading.

  2. Kay Akrasah

    Great idea. Good story. Unexpected ending.

  3. Kwame Frimpong

    Qick read but satisfying

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